Insurance Claims

Insurance is an important part of modern society. When you buy insurance, you seek protection from losses and the insurance company seeks to spread the risk of loss. Sometimes, when claims arise, the insured and the insurer do not see eye-to-eye. We can help. If you have recently had an insurance claim denied and you believe your claim should have been paid, a knowledgeable insurance claims attorney can help you through the situation.

Birmingham Insurance Claims Attorney

The rules and regulations that apply to insurance policies in the State of Alabama are sufficiently complex. Jeff has a long track record of successfully protecting clients’ rights during disputes and he can help you navigate the process.

We offer representation in all legal matters related to insurance claims litigation including:

  • Disability insurance claims
  • ERISA claims
  • Unfair handling of claims
  • Failure to Defend (Insurance to cover you if you get sued by another person)
  • Healthcare insurance claim denials
  • Car insurance and truck insurance
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Mortgage insurance disputes
  • Life insurance policies
  • Homeowners’ property losses
  • Business owners’ property losses
  • Storm damage insurance disputes
  • Fire insurance coverage

We provide personalized service and understand that each case has it’s own set of unique circumstances. We listen carefully to you to determine the proper strategy moving forward.

Contact Jeff Daniel to make an appointment to discuss your claim.

Schedule a consultation with a dedicated Alabama insurance claims litigation lawyer as soon as possible if you are considering filing a claim or seeking to appeal a claim that has been wrongly denied. Call (205) 531-1287 or fill out the contact form provided here for a prompt reply.